Adra to let dogs onto a beach

Dogs will be allowed on the beach and in the sea on Adra’s La Rana beach after the city council voted to change the regulations there.

The regulations must still be changed and approved before the animals forbidden signs are taken down. Dogs will be allowed on the beach 24 hours a day throughout the off season and during certain hours of the day during peak season.

Manuel Cortés said that this was a momentous move that put the city in the vanguard of destinations that were pet friendly. Adra will become only the second city in Almeria to permit dogs on its beaches and the ninth across all of Andalusia.

La Rana is a beach on the outskirts of the city which has plenty of rural space behind it for the pets to roam as well as enjoy the cooling water of the Mediterranean. Mayor Cortés reminded pet owners that they are still responsible for collecting any animal waste their pets may deposit on the sand and that washing of animals on the beach will not be permitted.

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