Boat explodes in Garrucha harbour

A woman has been seriously injured after her seven meter cabin cruiser exploded in Garrucha harbour today at midday. According to the emergency services, the woman had boarded her boat called “Chess” along with her husband and children, and started to warm up the engine. At 12:50 the engine suddenly exploded, causing severe burns to the woman on board who was nearby. The fire brigade suspect that the engine started leaking fumes which suddenly exploded Continue reading Boat explodes in Garrucha harbour

Game of thrones start setting up film set

Although filming doesn’t start until the 23rd October in the province, four massive lorries turned up yesterday from Belfast with materials to start building the filmsets. More lorries will be turning up for the rest of the week and construction starts Monday. It seems Game of Thrones European offices and warehouses are in Belfast. The filmset is in El Chorrillo de Sierra Alhamilla (Pechina), the same place they filmed Exodus two years ago.