Just 26 people arrested at Dreambeach

For a music festival with tens of thousands of visitors, just 26 arrests is pretty good going.

22 of them were for peddling drugs; one person was nicked for being rude to a copper, two were arrested because they had warrants out on them and the final person was found to be heavily over the limit when trying to drive home.

Traffic police carried out 2009 tests on drivers near the festival, and found 65 people to be over the limit (although only one person so drunk as to be arrested) and a further 60 people driving on drugs.

In all, the cops seized drugs on 429 occasions without issuing anything worse than a light fine and helped 600 people with small issues such as lost items.

However, four people have been fined for driving illegal taxis.

130 coppers patrolled the event, together with a specialist drug sniffing dog patrol and a bomb unit which weren’t needed.

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