Fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones were aghast after beloved character Jon Snow, played by British actor Kit Harrington, was supposedly killed off at the end of the last series. But hope springs eternal, and the fact that Kit has been spotted this week on holiday in Almería city has started rumours that his character will return.

Game of Thrones will be filming season six here in the province this autumn and local fans are ready with their camera phones to snap any of their favourite characters as they sneak into the province ahead of filming to check things out. Over two thousand locals have been hired as extras for the filming of the series, which will take place in Carboneras and the Alcazaba in Almería city, amongst other locations.

Kit was spotted in a popular restaurant in Almería city and several photos of him there have been circulating on social media. He is also believed to have stopped to sign autographs for several fans.

Further hope that Jon Snow, or “Jon Nieve” as he’s known in Spain after the dubbers translated his name into Spanish, will return has been stoked by the recent discovery that his character doll isn’t in HBO’s online “graveyard of characters”. The producers of the series sell dolls of all the dead characters, but Snow’s avatar remains firmly absent from the online cemetery. HBO has refused to comment on whether there are any plans to bring him back from the dead.

Meanwhile, Kit Harrington hopefully continues to enjoy his holiday here with us.

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