Two arrested for Mojacar shooting incident

Two men, 19 and 30 years old, have been arrested for the Mojacar shooting incident. The men are from Vera and Garrucha.

It seems that the two men tried to gain access to Moma disco at about 4:30 am but were turned away because they were inebriated. One of them was so furious that he went back to his car, got out a small air shotgun and started blazing away at the bouncer and innocent people nearby, whilst his mate laughed, passed him ammo and egged him on.

Four people were injured, although only two needed medical attention, the bouncer who was shot in the neck and another man standing nearby. Both were taken to hospital but weren’t seriously injured.

The men then made off at high speed before Guardia Civil units could get there.

They’ve been nicked on charges of illegal firearm possession, public disorder and wanton aggression.



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