Mojacar plenary meeting 30th July 2015 report

The following is a press release issued by Somos Mojacar relating the plenary meeting of Mojacar council held on the 30th July 2015.

Dear friends,

Last Thursday 30th of July the first plenary meeting of the new legislation took place at 10am.

The agenda contained: Approval of previous minutes; Representative for the “Mancomunidad”; Request for the Junta to clean the riverbed; and questions and requests.

All previous points were approved unanimously.

Somos Mojácar proposed 2 motions, both supported by the opposition parties and rejected by the government.

The first was to position ourselves against the national “Gag Law” and the second was to eradicate all illegal dump sites in Mojácar, including the one that the Town Hall uses up in the village. The plan was to eliminate and strictly control the areas regularly used as dumps and to inform and educate the population from the Town Hall, via signs, mailing, newsletter and social media. This would be to avoid the repetitive situation and make people aware of the fines and consequences of their actions. This motion was not supported by the Town hall.

We asked many questions and made various requests:

  • When and where the skate park will be: Not sure maybe behind Cueva del Lobo.
  • Any plans for a youth centre: No, none.
  • When will work commence and what is the project for the Plaza Nueva: Would start Sept-Oct 2016, no project as of yet.
  • Any plans for local radio station: No.
  • Possibility to create a youth discount card for the local bus service: They will look in to it.
  • Plans to recuperate nursery garden centre: No.
  • Fix and equip the perfect available space in village school (under infants) for shows and activities: Not our responsibility!
  • Why did we not use the grants available from Diputación for Summer outdoor shows, Theatre, cinema and music shows: Did not know and have done other activities instead.
  • Lots of broken bins, can the responsible team do an assessment for which need replacing or fixing:  Any broken bins, lights, pavements or other should be reported at the Town Hall so they can be fixed.
  • Problem with mosquitoes in the Parata area: They will send the company to spray the area.
  • Plans for picnic areas: No.
  • Request: Please do not waste our money on free food and drinks at public acts like the inauguration ceremony,  that cost us 2750€!
  • Request: Please create an open debate with all of the business community of Mojácar to find solutions and proposals for the future of our towns tourism: They will think about it.

The next ordinary plenary meeting will be on the 24th of September. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for questions to be put forwards then, please do email Somos Mojacar

Hope you all have a great summer!

The Somos Mojacar team.

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