Air Traffic Controller strike called off for August

The union of air traffic controllers have announced that they will be calling off their wave of strikes expected for August “to prevent interference with tourists and their holidays”. However, they threaten to restart the strikes in September. The strikes are protesting against the fines levied upon 61 ATC’s fined for participating in the strikes that paralysed Spain back in 2010.

Manchester – Almeria routes announced by Monarch

UK airline Monarch has confirmed that they will be flying between Manchester and Almeria airport throughout this winter twice weekly. Flights will be on Monday, Thursday and Sundays until September, and on Thursdays and Sundays from then until November. From November until next March, flights will be on every Friday with additional flights on Mondays during the peak season only. See the winter route info here.

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones spotted in Almeria

Kit Harington, the British actor who plays Jon Snow in Games of Thrones, has been spotted in Almería city this weekend. Rumours now abound that he’s here ahead of the sixth season filming of the hit series, despite the fact that he is supposed to have been killed in the cliff hanger of a series ender in series 5. He’s also been spotted in Belfast recently, hanging around with some of the GoT lot. Harington Continue reading Jon Snow from Game of Thrones spotted in Almeria