Politicians kick back on their hols in Almería

Famous politicians from across Spain will be joining us here in the province this August as they come to the beaches to kick back and relax for a few weeks. Firebrand Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau is visiting her father in Isleta del Moro, in the Cabo de Gata natural park, where Colau senior resides and she is bringing her four year old son along with her. According to local sources, Ada knows the area well and her favourite restaurant is La Ola, as well as the restaurant in a nearby residential home which cooks the best fish in town (but that only the locals know about).

And leader of the opposition PSOE party, Pedro Sánchez, will be visiting the Mojácar holiday apartment he owns for a fortnight before carrying onto Lleida to see family.

Almería province has always been popular with the leaders of the PSOE party, as former PM Rodrigo Zapatero used to own a villa in Vera Playa, whilst several of his ministers used to come here on holiday, and indeed, still do.

However, the holidays of the national politicians look likely to be cut short as the national budget must be approved in September ahead of a gruelling national election campaign which is expected to be called for later this year, as well as the separatist regional elections in Catalonia later this year which are being used as a soundboard for an independence vote from Spain.

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