Getting naked on the beach great for you

Going onto the beach in your birthday suit is amazingly positive for your physical, psychological, social and sexual health according to Ismael Rodrigo, head of the Spanish Naturist Federation (FEN). His organisation is launching a new awareness campaign in Spain called “the 205 reasons”, based on a series of studies published by the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

The media tends to show us certain types of bodies which are considered to be in fashion at that moment and this helps contribute to the fact that many of us develop complexes about our bodies at a very early age, complexes which can develop into more serious issues such as anorexia and bulimia” Ismael explains. “If only we were shown from an early age to get naked in public as if it were something normal, then we would discover that all sorts of bodies are natural and all are equally beautiful”.

The FEN also say that apart from the health benefits, getting naked at home helps the environment. “You don’t have to wash so many clothes and I usually don’t need to use air conditioning in my home” said Ismael. “Removing clothes is equivalent to reducing your ambient temperature by five degree Celsius, so it makes quite a difference, especially in summer”.

Local beach Vera Playa has the largest naturist complex in Spain, with over 2.000 apartments and a major four star hotel in front of a large naturist beach, and this lifestyle is enjoyed by thousands of tourists here on our local beaches ever year, as well as a substantial all year round population.

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