Bisbal returns again to promote Costa de Almeria

Local pop star David Bisbal has again agreed to lend his image to local tourism authorities to help attract more national tourists to the province. He fronted last years tourism campaign, and also promoted the province during his 2014 world tour in exchange for a token amount. He comes from El Ejido and is a hard working ambassador for the province, talking of his love for his native home.

Javier Aureliano García from the county council spoke of his enthusiasm for the “wonderful partnership” between Almería province and its prodigal son. His organisation is spending 175,000€ promoting the province at a national and international level, and the promotion will include a new music video starring David. “We are convinced that the benefits of this promotion far outweigh the costs of carrying out the campaign” said Javier. Almería province served as a background to Bisbals diez mil maneras music video which promoted the province to his worldwide legion of fans.

The new campaign will promote Costa de Almería as a healthy and natural destination, and will be going out on social media, magazine adverts and billboards across the country.

David Bisbal shot to fame on the Spanish version of X-Factor a decade ago and has since topped the charts with a series of vocal hits. He is also very big in South America, and has played in Londons Albert Hall.

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