Shellfish shoots up as catches sink – ouch, a prawn is expensive

The latest data from the Andalusian fisheries ministry show a hefty increase of up to 40% in the price of local shellfish and blue fish as the amount of kilos caught drop by 35% across the province.

Locally caught mackerel, sardines, sardinellas and swordfish have all gone up in price as stocks dwindle in local water. But the same effect is happening with shellfish, as the price of octopus and prawns also shoot up.

Local Garrucha delicacy the red prawn has seen a 5% drop in the number of kilos landed, to just 40,851 kilos in the first 5 months of this year, but their wholesale price per kilo have soared from 28€ to 34€. And their lesser brethren the white prawn have seen a 44% drop in kilos landed, and a corresponding price increase from 13€ to 17€.

Almería province has five fishing ports (Adra, Almería, Carboneras, Garrucha & Roquetas) which in the first five months of this year landed a total 1,7 million kilos of seafood at an average price of 4,08€ a kilo. In the same period during 2014 the ports landed 2,6 million kilos of seafood at an average price of 2,8€ a kilo. However, Carboneras port has bucked the trend by slightly increasing its catch of tuna and swordfish by 15%, landing a total of 167,667 kilos by May of this year at an average price of 7,7€ a kilo.

The blame is being laid at the recent reduction in the number of fishing boat authorizations being issued by the regional government the Junta de Andalucia. The government is attempting to comply with changes to the EU fishing quota by paying fisherment to lay up their boats, which has translated into fewer fishing boats working from each port, and is refusing permission to launch new offshore boats.

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