Vicious gang of thieves who preyed on elderly expats taken down in Garrucha

A “vicious” gang of thieves who specialised in rapid and violent burglaries in local homes belonging mainly to elderly expats have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Garrucha today. Material used in the robberies, as well as stolen goods and several luxury vehicles have been seized.

The gang was made up of four people, 2 Serbians a Kosovan and a Romanian. They lived and worked out of a flat in Garrucha where they planned their burglaries with military efficiency, scoping out targets usually belonging to elderly expats before swooping in and emptying the place.

They also stole high end vehicles, taking them to a local lockup before taking photos and arranging sales of the vehicles in Eastern Europe.

The arrests were codenamed Operation Bacará and was organised by the Unit Against Organised Crime (ECO) from the central command of the Guardia Civil in Malaga, along with local forces, under the directives of a local Judge in Vera.

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