Courier truck catches fire in Huercal Overa

Expecting an Amazon parcel? You may be in for a long wait after a DHL truck delivering to this area caught fire on the motorway by Huercal Overa last night.

Drivers passing by alerted emergency services to flames coming out of the back of the truck and traffic police closed the motorway.

Fire units managed to put the fire out before it spread to the countryside, but the truck was completely destroyed along with all contents. The driver pulled over when he spotted the heavy smoke in his mirrors and legged it to safety.

It’s not known what caused the fire, nor what the contents were – DHL simply said that it was liaising with all interested parties directly.

Later: Michelle Birch via Facebook tells me that:

Saw this truck last night and followed the debris from one of its tyres that had blown out. The driver continued to drive at a minimal speed whilst carving out the motorway with the bare metal wheel, left hand side of the truck. Proof of this will no doubt still be visible for many metres on the tarmac. At the point of passing the truck, there was no fire. I really cannot believe he was oblivious to a problem!

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