Case of the mysterious crashed helicopter closed

A Judge has closed the investigation into the mysterious crashed helicopter that appeared in Níjar earlier this year saying that the investigation is open ended and unwarranted.

Judge Alejandra Dodero said that since the Guardia Civil were unable to confirm that the helicopter was carrying drugs, or indeed doing anything illegal, the crash probably wasn’t a penal matter. She also said that whilst this should have been an important lead that lead to an investigation into the matter, nobody was any the wiser about the details of the case so she may as well shelve it.

The helicopter appeared one morning on its side in Níjar and nobody seems to know anything about it, or even the name of the chap or chapette who leased it from the hire company. It’s generally assumed the helicopter was carrying drugs into the country and the pilot crashed it whilst trying to take off in the dark.

Crashed mystery helicopter

However, police drug sniffer dogs did give a slight positive but not enough for the test to be conclusive in court – it’s possible that one of the pilots just was carrying a joint.

Quite how in the 21st century you can lease a helicopter, fly it half way across Spain without a flight plan and crash it in the middle of a field without anyone being able to catch you baffles me. Amazing when you think about it.

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