Extra cops for the summer season

An extra 60 Guardia Civil officers have been assigned to the coasts of Almería for the summer to help keep the peace.

They will backup the usual officers in the tourism zones, many of them mingling plainclothed to spot pickpockets, car thieves and business owners trying to make an honest buck without having to pay any extra tax, ah hem.

They’ll also be deployed at the many ferias we enjoy at this time of year.

Meanwhile, the Nacionales have confirmed that they will have a minimum of 300 officers deployed constantly this summer. The National Police are in charge of policing the larger towns and cities. airports & ports and administrative duties.

In related news, the police have urged Nijar townhall to amalgamate carparks in the Cabo de Gata to make it easier to police cars and catch thieves. The Cabo de Gata is suffering from an unusually high wave of car breakins at the moment, as some take the opportunity to rummage around in daytrippers cars whilst their owners are sunbathing some distance away.

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