Another health emergency announced as scabies is found in wild goats

The Health Ministry has issued a severe health warning about scabies in wild mountain goats in Almería, Granada, Jaén & Málaga which could spread to humans, their pets and domestic goat flocks.

The disease, caused by a parasite called Sarcoptes Scabiei, is highly contagious to humans, pets and domestic goats.

This years hunting season has been cancelled and a cull of infected animals will be permitted. The Junta has announced measures to protect healthy wild flocks, and also ordered additional testing of domestic goat flocks to make sure they don’t pick up the parasite.

Vets have also been warned to look out for symptoms in domestic pets such as dogs and cats. Human beings can also become infected, and the Environmental Agency has asked anyone who finds an infected goat not to touch it but to call the environmental police to deal with it.

Special breeding areas will be established and wild flocks will be captured to move healthy individuals to these protected areas to ensure the continuation of the species.

No hunting of wild mountain goats will be permitted until the end of the 2017 mating season, with the exception of culling wild animals.

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