Carboneras to star in “Game of Thrones”

Carboneras will take a star part in the next season of Game of Thrones according to its mayor, who went public today with the news that HBO will be filming there in October. The beautiful area of Mesa Roldán, which has a famous watch tower, will be a backdrop for several scenes. Other sets will be setup in the Alcazaba, Tabernas, Sorbas and El Chorillo (in Sierra Alhamilla) according to the Mayor.

Game of Thrones looking for 2,400 extras in province

Game of Thrones will be filming part of season 7 here in the province, and the producers are looking for a whopping 2,400 extras. They need 1,200 people of both sexes and say applicants must be aged between 18 & 65, and be “Mediterranean tanned, dark skinned or black”. Other requisites are that females be at least 1,7m tall with a bust of between 86-95cm, and that men must be at least 1,75m tall with Continue reading Game of Thrones looking for 2,400 extras in province

How much debt does your townhall have?

It’s not a factor many people think of when buying a house in the area, but the level of debt carried by your townhall will have a strong effect upon the future of your new home. Anyway, the list of longterm debt carried by each town in the province as of 31st December 2014 has just been published. Here’s the full list: 1. Alhabia… Total longterm debt (thousands of euros): 2.948.. Residents: 681.. Amount of Continue reading How much debt does your townhall have?