Cantoria Residents Association closes and hands over to the AUAN

Cantoria Residents Association has closed its doors after many years of service to the ex pat community helping new residents settle into the area, make new friends and appreciate the local culture.
The association, which organised one of the first protest marches in 2008 to highlight the plight of those who had purchased illegal houses in the area, has elected to transfer its remaining funds to the campaign group, AUAN.
‘Cantoria Residents Association was a great example of service to the community and we are sorry to see it go’ said a spokesperson for AUAN. ‘To date we have received the sum of 1,000 euros which is being used to fund the expensive process of lobbying for changes to various laws to protect current and future homebuyers’.
 ‘Since March this year AUAN has played a fundamental role in changing two national laws which means that never again will a house be demolished without prior compensation to those who did nothing wrong. And, by the end of this year we aim to conclude the amendment of a regional law which will allow many more houses to obtain paperwork. We are hugely grateful for this donation. CRA’s generous gift came at exactly the right time to help us push through the latest change in Madrid ’ the spokesperson for AUAN concluded.
Press release via the AUAN.

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