Chap tries to rob his local bank but quickly gets recognised…. then said it was “all a joke”

A 55 year old Frenchman living in San José, Nijar decided to rob a bank. Trouble was, he chose the bank where he has an account.

So when he marched in with a sawn off shotgun and shouted money in the sack, or whatever the protocol is in these situations, the cashier gave him an incredulous look before asking “is that you, P.S.?”

To which P.S. admitted that yes, it was, lowered his shotgun, claimed it was “all just a joke”, made a deposit in his own account and fled.

Only to be nabbed on the corner by the heavily armed rapid response unit of the Guardia Civil, warned by the silent alarm in the bank.

Anyway, he’s just been sent down for three years by Judge Luis Miguel Columna, who also fined him 5€ a day for two years and gave him a restraining order against the branch of the bank.

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