Mojacar sets salaries and council meetings for the next 4 years

This morning a meeting was held to establish the councils, wages for councillors and the frequency of the ordinary plenary meetings.
Ordinary plenary meetings have been set, for the first time in the history of democracy in Mojácar, to be from now on held at 10am on the last Thursday of every 2 months.
For which we proposed a counter-opinion and asked for the meetings to be held once a month and always in the evenings. This proposal would help to promote more public participation and attendance, not only to facilitate access to these meetings for the public but also for the opposition councillors who have jobs and work to attend to in the mornings, along with the governing team who should attend the public councils in the mornings.
In our opinion this is a step back in democracy and creating an open and accessible government.
The wages are similar to the previous legislation:
 The Mayor has a gross salary of 43,400€/year (14 salaries, double in June and December), the councillor in charge of cemetery and public works, Agustín Montoya will receive 33.285,28€ as will the Councillor for: culture, social services,festivities and youth, Raquel Belmonte.
New councillor Ana Maria Garcia is in charge of education sports, health, third age and catastro for which she will receive 32.550€.
Diego Garcia in charge of beaches, services, parks, beaches and environment will receive 24.963,96€ as so will Enmanuel Agüero who is in charge of Tourism, civil protection, security, transport and traffic.
Last of all Maria Luisa Perez will be in charge of foreign relations with a wage of 8.321,32€
In our view these wages are higher than the average wage and so should be reduced. We  believe that public representatives should set an example and be equal in all respects to our fellow citizens.
The Mayors personal secretary, her confident, will receive 27.163,08€ a year.
We wish you all a great San Juan and a fruitful summer!
Kind regards,
Jessica Simpson
The above is a circular sent out by Jessica Simpson, councillor for opposition party Somos Mojácar.

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