Did you know that Mojácar had a “Jewish quarter”?

Well, according to the tourism department it does. The bland and innocuous turismo de mojácar facebook page dedicates itself not to actually promoting the municipality, or advertising forthcoming events that may be of interest, but to publishing a never ending series of blurred and skewed holiday snaps sent in from the camera phones of locals, usually captioned with a happy good morning!!  OK, sometimes they publish a nice one, but you always get the feeling it’s by Continue reading Did you know that Mojácar had a “Jewish quarter”?

Just 25 examples of this bird left in province

The Alondra Ricotí is down to just 25 examples left in the south of Spain, all in Almería province. Chresophilus duponti as it´s known scientifically is a lovely little ground bird that hides, doesn’t travel very far and is known as the Ricotí because of it’s piping call, usually heard by shepards when they herd their goats over their nests. Emilio González, a local ornithologist from the Serbal de Almería group, has given a talk Continue reading Just 25 examples of this bird left in province

French students map Bedar mines

Geological students from the University of Lorraine in France are undertaking a project to map out some of the old mines in Bédar as part of a project by the townhall to reopen them as tourist attractions. The French university has been sending students to the area on field trips for the last few years now, but this year Professor Christian Hibchs suggested that an interesting project would be the mapping of two of the Continue reading French students map Bedar mines