Navarran Parliament President’s Party Photos prove phun!

Unlike some of her recently elected colleagues, the President of the Navarran Parliament (Oop north somewhere) has elected not to delete her twitter feed, instead telling journalists that she’ll “post whatever the f**k I want” (a rough translation from the Spanish). Well, quite.

Such as this selfie of her kicking off the San Fermin fiesta last year in Pamplona. Ainhoa Aznárez really was kicking off the fiesta early – as she proudly states, the photo was posted the day before the party started. She’s writing in Basque on the tweet below, BTW.

She describes herself as a “radical socialist, feminist and republican” and belongs to the Podemos party.

Her colleague Guillermo Zapata meanwhile has had to quit his job as Councillor of Culture in Madrid townhall after he made some “light hearted” jokes about how ETA “must really have been stupid not to win, look at how many backers they had” and why Israel had to be so big “when most Jews don’t take up any more space than a pile of ash in an urn do”. (He later responded to twitter criticism with the amazing joke how do you get 5 million Jews into a Seat 600? Put them in the ashtray!) His holocaust jokes didn’t go down well, unlike the feisty Ainhoa whose fun selfie continues to trend and who promises to keep posting.

Looks like Navarra could be in for some phun politics over the next four years….

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