Firemen rescue fox trapped in Antas reservoir

A fox that had fallen into a balsa in Antas was rescued over the weekend by firemen after local police failed in their efforts to help him.

The bushy little chap had snuck in through a hole in the fence and had slipped into the murky waters. The owner of the reservoir, checking up on his land the next morning, was surprised to see him swimming around in it, and realised there was no way the fox could climb back up the plastic lined slope, so he called the cops. Those balsas are lethal if you fall in, there is no way out up those slopes again.

The locales came out but decided it was too dangerous for them, so they called the bomberos. The fire unit from Turre was delighted at the chance to practise a “double rope vertical climb manoeuvre”, and snagged the little chap.

How they got hold of him I do not know – knowing some of the bomberos, I imagine they just grabbed him as he swam past and held him firm. Anyway, he scampered off, none the worse for wear and possibly a little cleaner. Actually, looking at that photo, probably not.

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