Albox mayor barred from holding public office

The Mayor of Albox has been barred from holding public office for the next two and a half years after he was found guilty of abuse of office by with-holding public information from opposition councillors.

Penal Court Nº1 of Almería said that Mayor Rogelio Mena (PSOE) was guilty of systematically denying access to public information and obstructing the opposition PP councillors in the execution of their duties.

Rogelio had just won the recent elections, being returned with an absolution majority of 9 out of the 17 councillors in Albox.

The Judge gave a nasty summing up, saying that Rogelio had gone out of his way to be difficult by claiming that documents could not be given to opposition councillors because they had gone missing “but very quickly found them when it suited him”.

Rogelio has 10 days to lodge an appeal – if it isn’t accepted, he must stand down in favour of his number 2 in the party. More seriously, it means his party loses the absolute majority it now enjoys and must rule as a minority in the townhall.

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