PSOE says one more try at Diaz’s investiture, then regional elections

Susana Diaz, President Elect of Andalucia and leader of the PSOE in the region, has faced up to the fact that none of the other parties will support her taking charge here without serious concessions being given – mainly in transparency and anti-corruption measures, which her party don’t seem too keen on – and so she will give her investiture one last try before calling for new elections.

Her party is believed to have been rebuffed by every single opposition party in recent talks. Although she controls the largest party after the recent regional elections, she doesn’t have enough of a majority to take control of the Junta de Andalucia without the backing of opposition MP’s.

She will have one last series of talks on Monday and call for a fresh Presidential election on Tuesday. If it fails, she will contemplate having new regional elections.

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