BBQ and bonfires forbidden for the summer

The summer fire season has started and as from yesterday naked flames, BBQ’s, bonfires and the like are forbidden in open areas across Andalucia. They will remain illegal until the 15th of October.

It’s part of the 2015 INFOCA plan which mobilises fire fighting brigades across Andalucia and attempts to “educate citizens” about the risk of fire, in the Orwellian Spanish.

This year, 4,500 professionals, 39 air units, 8 mobile control units, 116 heavy vehicles and 1203 small vehicles are ready across the region across 8 provincial bases and a further 23 forest defense bases. There are also 201 mobile watch towers operating from six main air bases and a further three Brica bases.

However, some of the air units remain grounded as the maintenance contract with the companies that care for them haven’t been signed yet due to unspecified “issues”.

Here’s a video of a firefighting plane filling up on the sea near Garrucha:

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