Judge orders Mojácar corruption investigation into “gratifications” to townhall employees

A Judge has ordered an  investigation to see if Mayor of Mojacar RosMari has committed abuse of power -or worse, a fragrant breech of the law- when she attempted to give all townhall employees a €1000 bonus last year.

After RosMari pushed the decree through the townhall against the wishes of opposition councillor Jessica Simpson, it was later revealed that the office of the Subdelegate of the Government had, in a non binding consultation document, said the move was “probably illegal”.

It also transpires that the budget comptroller of Mojacar (a funcionario) warned the Mayor that the move “could be in breech of Article 20 of the budgetary law, in which case the move could be considered to be illegal” – although the internal report stopped short of advising against the move.

Jessica Simpson’s Mojacar positiva se mueve party filed a complaint with the Junta de Andalucia, and the regional government budget watchdog overturned the decision saying it was arbitrary and against the law.

RosMari’s original decision had been to give all townhall funcionarios a €1000 cash bonus at Christmas 2014, irrespective of their status or productivity. The move would have cost the town of Mojacar about €140,000.

An investigative Judge has now decided to open an investigation to see if allegations of corruption and abuse of power can be substantiated. Several townhall employees have been cited to declare, and Jessica’s husband Oscar Gagliardi, the original complainant, has been cited as a witness for the prosecution.

If the Judge decides an offense is likely to have been committed, a full trial will be called and Mayor Rosmari, along with townhall employees who backed the scheme, will be called to defend themselves.

The next hearing is on the 1st of September.

2 Replies to “Judge orders Mojácar corruption investigation into “gratifications” to townhall employees”

  1. TONY CARPENTER JUNE 2, 2015 8:29 PM

    Having stayed in Mojacar last year playing with my band …. I came from UK for 3 months
    To enjoy Mojacar and the sun and happy life there ……… Only to find you have a monster as mayor of your town …… A sad lonely unhappy women who’s only pleasure is to upset people and make there life a misery ……… I was playing one night and the police came in at 10. 30 and we had to stop playing because of this stupid bitch you call the mayor……. I hope they find her guilty of corruption ……. Because I think she is ……. Fining people cos they are drinking water ……… She is obviously demented ….. And jealous because she can’t have a good time herself ….how pathetic is this woman ……… Sooner she is out the better Mojacar will be …… I will never come back and many people won’t either until she is out on the scrap heap ………… I was told by someone when I was there that she gave money to police officers to make sure they stopped all the music they could ……. I just wish I had a chance to talk to her ………never in my life have I come across such a vicious self centred Lonely frustrated bitch in my life ……………. I feel door for the holiday makers who have to suffer this ridiculous law ……………… I do hope she reads this ….. I doubt

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