Too dangerous to deliver post when it’s windy

The Inspectorate of Work (Spanish health and safety, basically) has ruled that it’s too dangerous to deliver the post when it’s windy in Almería.

The ruling came after a complaint earlier in the year from a postman that it was too windy to drive his official moped around. Correos disagreed and disciplined the man, who sent a complaint to the IoW, who have now come back and said he was right.

The trouble comes from the little yellow mopeds most Correos people drive around the towns. When it’s windy, someone could fall off.

The IoW have sent instructions to central Correos that they must now pay attention to weather warnings and traffic police directives during “adverse weather conditions” before allowing opening the garage doors and sending their yellow mopeds out to deliver (imagine someone opening the doors to the goat shed, and you get the idea).

The ruling also applies to icy or excessively hot conditions, so that’s the summer out then.

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