Judge opens investigation into allegations of Mojacar postal fraud

A Judge in Vera has opened an investigation into whether postal fraud was committed in Mojacar by the PP in last Sundays election.

The Judge has accepted the complaints filed by the opposition parties into irregularities after the postal vote discovered to be 16% of the total number of votes, against a national average of under 2%.

Opposition parties Unión Mojaquera, Somos Mojácar and the PSOE all joined together to file a series of joint complaints against the ruling PP party. The complaint alleges that:

Numerous postal voters were registered to the same few addresses in the weeks before the elections; that the share of the postal vote in the town was suspiciously high compared to the national or local average; and that almost all of the postal votes are believed to have been for the PP party.

Manuel Zamora of the PSOE party said that “we’ve been here before” reminding us that in the previous election, postal voting ran at about 18%. However, since the postal votes were destroyed in the last election, an investigation decided there was not enough evidence to warrant a prosecution.

This year, thanks to better coordination between opposition parties, the electoral board is believed to have kept as evidence the postal votes and the envelopes they came in.

“Let justice be done, because every year the municipal elections are the same. Let the Judge detect what we all know” said Manuel Zamora.

Meanwhile in Turre an investigation continues by the electoral board into the posting of 80 postal votes by the incumbent Mayor Arturo Grima before they decide whether to press charges or not.

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  1. We should not be surprised by this story confirming what the rest of Europe already know about Spain. There’s corruption at every corner.

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