Albanchez Mayor to be decided by coin spin

The small town of Albanchez, in the mountains above Almería, has had a draw declared in its municipal election last Sunday and so the Mayor will be decided by the toss of a coin.

The PSOE and the ALpAL parties both got 238 votes. The PP, surprisingly, only got one vote, despite having presented a full list of councillors. It seems the local PP party had an internal split before the last elections and most of the ruling family went off to form the ALpAL independent group. There will, I imagine, be a few red faces in the next local meeting of the PP party!

That means that since the PSOE and the ALpAL both have the same weight, under the electoral law the ruling party will be decided by means of a draw – both parties have agreed to a coin toss by the local notary which will happen next week.

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