Two Garrucha Guardia Civil officers jailed for punchup

The Supreme Military Court has confirmed jail sentences of eight and six months for two Guardia Civil officers from the Garrucha post after an altercation descended into fisticuffs. Both men were in full uniform and the fight happened in public around the back of the barracks in 2012.

The two men were off different ranks. One has been done for assaulting his superior officer, the other for hitting a subordinate. The offence was of sufficient gravity for a jail term in a military prison to be the correct punishment ruled the Supreme MC. The case had been appealed by both men after a similar penalty had been imposed by the regional Military tribunal.

The junior officer got six months and a fine of 334 euros. His superior got eight months and a fine of 448 euros.

The Guardia Civil are technically a military unit assigned to civilian duties, and their coppers are expected to follow military discipline.

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