County Council presents hundred million euro plan for Almería

The Diputación (County Council) has published its advance draft of the 2016-2020 development plan for Almería, which attempts to unify all local development plans into three master plans. It has also announced that it will ask the EU for 110 million euros of FEDER funds to invest in the province.

The Dip. doesn’t actually have any income. Instead, it gets cash from other parts of the government and spends it as it see fit. Frankly, it’s a waste of time and there have been a number of proposals to get rid of the Diputaciónes, but so far no-one has had the cojones.

44 towns are affected by the plans, and the province is split into three main sections. Our section, the Levante, has a bright future according to the plans: based on its growth over the last 30 years, our population will grow 7,5% in the next four years, and sunshine, money and honey will rain from Brussels to make our lives happy.

MP Castellon & President of the C.C., Amat (also Mayor of Roquetas)


Anyway, the Diputación wants to build a new Mojácar – Vera road and not a lot more. Despite that, 54 million euros of the 110 million asked for are supposed to be spent here. When I get my mitts on a full copy I’ll post more here.

There’s also the question of whether the new Diputación (it’s made up of representatives from townhalls, so it will be new with a new power base after tomorrows’ elections) will have the same ideas as the current one.

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