PP buying votes in Almeria say PSOE in a criminal complaint

The PSOE have filed a criminal complaint today against the PP in Almería for allegedly buying votes ahead of Sunday’s elections.

The complaint, filed directly with the Public Prosecutor, says that a number of citizens across Almería have come forwards to say that they have been offered favours or money in exchange for giving their PP rep their blank postal vote.

The PSOE in the capital city say that the PP have been telling stall holders in the town market that they will only see their license renewed if they bought between 10 and 20 blank postal votes to them.

Another citizen says he gave his PP rep the postal votes of his family in exchange for the keys to a municipal office from which his local residents association could operate.

The PSOE have also found cases of empty and abandoned homes which have anything up to 53 postal vote requests associated to them, as well as a homeless man who was paid 20 euros to stuff a load of postal votes into envelopes before taking them to Correos to post them.

Buying a postal vote is punishable with jail of between six months and three years per offense, as well as being barred from holding public office for terms of up to two years.

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