Castellon FC boss in hot water after witch makes him a fake love potion

José Laparra was a man in love. He was an important man, the boss of Castellon F.C., businessman and local cacique, but all this was insufficient to attract the amorous attention of a local Lady.

And so José decided to go to the Dark Side. He ignored his Catholic upbringing, he rejected his Holy Communion and denied his Baptism into the One True Faith – instead, he found a local witch, and bunged her €165,000 to make up a love potion.

Unsurprisingly, the love potion failed to work. Well, I’ve been looking at such thing recently, ditch water and “rare herbs” (probably sourced from Mercadona) don’t have the effect one would imagine in the 21st century.

Anyway, José felt aggrieved. And, I suspect, ripped off. So he got some mates together and went to the witches house to beat the living crap out of her until she returned the €165K. Which she didn’t. Instead, she hit the alarm button alerting the police.

Long story short, José has just accepted the decision of Penal Court n1 4 of Zaragoza to condemn him to 6 months prison and a fine of €1.440 for “breaking and entering” and “taking the law into his own hands”.

He didn’t, it seems, get the €165K back either. He’s been advised to take the false witch to civil court for that. What would the Spanish Inquisition say?

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