Garrucha lorries get stuck

There was a massive tailback on the Garrucha bypass yesterday after the yeso lorries tried to use their usual entrance to the port only to find that Vera townhall had cut the road off without bothering to tell anyone.

The lorries are currently thundering up a side road bypassing the roadworks on the main tunnel, stopping at a traffic light to cross the Garrucha entrance road, then carrying on to the port down the side of the Mercadona. Residents in the area have been complaining about the noise from a thousand lorry trips a day, and what with the elections being a week away, Vera townhall Took Action.

Trouble was, it seems nobody told the lorry drivers. So they thundered in as normal, only to find that the route to the traffic lights had been again moved and they had to drive round a very narrow corner to go underneath the bridge again. A corner so narrow, the first lorry that tried to do this got stuck.

About 50 fully loaded yeso trucks quickly built up behind this one, spilling out onto the main road, and chaos ensued.

Guardia Civil, Local Police and Port Police all tried to restore order but things got nasty and the drivers refused to try the narrow corner.

Eventually, police had to let them all reverse back onto the main road and they went in via Las Bouganvillas roundabout.

Vera townhall said it will be reviewing the situation on Monday, so try to avoid that bit of road until the problem is solved.

Garrucha townhall, whose jurisdiction stops at the bridge by Mercadona, is pressing for a solution, safe in the knowledge it doesn’t have to get its hand dirty by providing one.

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