FE de la JONS complains about discrimination on InterAlmeria TV

FE de la JONS – Franco’s old political party, still popping up in municipal elections to protect the reputation of the generalissimo – has made an official complaint about not being allowed a spot on the municipal TV station InterAlmeria TV.

Falange Española de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista is its full imposing name – usually abbreviated to Falange Española de las JONS or just to FE de la JONS – is a far right fascist party which traces its history back to José Antonio Primo de Riviera, Franco’s buddy, who formed it back in ’34 when he amalgamated a number of regional fascist parties into one national umbrella movement. It’s credited with helping the Civil War kick off. When Franco came to power he appropriated the party to become his official political party  – it was also the only political party.

After Franco shuffled off this mortal coil the FE de la JONS discovered it was out on its ear, and so went back to its Nazi inspired roots by shaving the heads of youths, giving them heavy boots and instructing them to kick anyone they didn’t like in the ribs. They basically deteriorated into a neoNazi street gang, and were implicated in several mass riots at the end of the 70’s. Several murders were attributed to the group, although fascist police officers in the Guardia and National Police were alleged to have helped cover up the crimes – but media pressure eventually forced a crackdown.

Anyway, although nowadays they aren’t much active in the street fights any more – the membership are pushing retirement age nowadays – they still proudly march around in jackboots waving Franco flags and muttering about how good life was under el caudillo.

So Juan Antonio Fernández-Arias, leader of FE de la JONS in Almería is now complaining that he’s not allowed on the telly, saying he should be allowed a free spot, and has sent a letter of complaint to the electoral board.

Those sunglasses are hiding the eyes of a killer – Juan Antonio, leader of the Almería fascists. Not sure why a skinhead would wear a flatcap?

Fe de la JONS got 428 votes in the province of Almería for the regional elections earlier this year, by the way. So 428 people in Almería voted to bring Franco back (or at the very least, picked up the wrong bit of paper). They didn’t bother to stand at the municipal elections in 2011 for Almería, not being able to scrape together 11 people for a list.

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