Sabadell seizes Gran Vista Marina apartment hotel in Mojácar

Sabadell bank has seized the Gran Vista Marina apartment complex in Mojácar. It’s the very last big complex as you head out towards Sopalmo.

It was originally built by Miguel Gem & Andrés García Guirao for €2,5 million euros. They later sold it to a company called Nuevo Siglo XXI, which recently went under, and Sabadell mopped up the remains.

It was supposed to be an apartment hotel, and has 39 apartments and 137 hotel rooms. Sabadell has passed the complex onto its hotel arm, which runs 14 similar apartment hotels across Spain, and says it will reopen for the summer season this 1st of June as planned.

According to La Voz de Almería, locals Sergio Carrascosa & Alejandro Hernández-Puértolas, who used to run Med Group (the operators of Macenas) have been hired to run the place.

Meanwhile, Miguel Gen has confirmed that he has returned to Hotel Puerto Marina next door, and will open it for the summer season -1st June onwards.

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