Pigging dogs, the Mojácar PSOE promise to make Walt Disney central to the town

So the big idea of the Mojácar PSOE to attract more tourists to the town? Walt fecking Disney again.

The whole Walt Disney thing just makes me depressed. It really does. He had nothing to do with the town (Lenox Napier can tell you how the whole sordid lie was cooked up in the 70’s) but still we return to him like the Kastom people pray to Prince Phillip in the hope he’ll send them nice gifts. Why don’t we just write the man a begging letter? (Coz he’s dead, I suppose).

Anyway, whilst scanning the PSOE manifesto for the town I noticed the main thrust of the Tourism section was

we will put up signs about the life of Walt Disney in different parts of the pueblo

And frankly, not much else apart from the Macenas castle interpretation centre and asking the hotels to stay open all year – this last point could have been said with a little more force, I feel. The rest is repeating what we already have, beach infrastructure, Q, and the rest. Oh, and a drive in movie theatre.

What are these signs going to say? “Walt Disney did not pee in this corner after one mojito too many in the Loro Azul, for he has never been here”. “Walt Disney did not slip on this badly maintained and very steep slope after someone threw their mop water all over it, for he has never ventured here”. “Walt Disney never sat in this bar all night espousing his anti-semitic views, although no doubt if he had ever been to Mojácar he would have”. etc, etc, etc.

And why do we have to return to this nonsense, this blatant lie all the time? It just show what a lack of imagination our leaders have. Is this area so lacking in real tourism potential that we have to lure people in with this lie? Besides which, what sort of a moron is going to come to Mojácar just because he thought Walt Disney lived here? And when he does get here, he’ll be so furious at the lack of a Disney theme he’ll go straight back to the airport again…..

It it too much to ask for a proper integrated infra-municipal tourism strategy instead of this puerile drivel?

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  1. Just pathetic. A correction to Lenox’s account of the Disney nonsense:- in fact, that was started by Ed Mann, an American film maker, in the early 60s. Ed also alledged that the Holy Grail was buried in Mojacar. The PSOE would be better served if the boys were to get out their shovels and dig for the Grail.

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