Unanimous “No” to Susana Diaz investiture

Susana Diazs second attempt to become President of Andalucia failed yesterday after all opposition parties united to deny her the privilege.

“This is becoming ridiculous” she growled at TV cameras as she stormed out of Parliament. “Like the peasants dog, they won’t govern nor let anyone govern”. Hey, it sounds better in Spanish. ‘Como el perro del hortelano, ni gobiernan ni dejan gobernar’.

Meanwhile, Rajoy has said he won’t interfere in Andalucian politics but warned Susana Diaz that she alone is responsible for this fiasco.

The problem is that the PSOE have said they’ll accept a series of conditions from other parties, such as a major anti-corruption pact and reduction of politicians in public companies, etc, and even announced these measures, but then refuse to actually sign a document promising to enact any laws.

“They must think we were born yesterday” said a scoffing head of Cuidadanos before yesterdays vote – “I’m not giving them a blank cheque to do as they want to”.

Susana Diaz said that C’s and P’s are blindly following the PP, a charge they all deny. The head of the PP simply said that “Susana Diaz must ask herself why nobody believes or trusts her word any more”.

There will now be another vote on the 14th of May when anyone can put themselves forwards to run the Junta de Andalucia and only need a simple majority to achieve this aim. Susana Diaz says she will have as many of these votes as it takes to become President, but if necessary, she’s not afraid of a second regional election. (Oh yes she is!)

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