Diaz says she will shut Andalucia down if she isn’t voted in quickly

Susana Diaz has said that she expects Andalucia to shut down if she isn’t quickly voted in as President – or in other words, she’ll shut the place down.

In a clear warning to the other parties, she claimed today that unless her investiture goes ahead quickly, no political decisions can be taken. Summer tourism plans, health planning, investments, the organisation of the next school terms, hiring of functionaries, and even student loans will all be in limbo unless a new government takes control quickly, according to Diaz.

The opposition parties have united to howl derision at the claims. “We have a functioning government – the PSOE continues to rule as before until a new investiture is approved” explained a statement from Podemos. “The same people who ruled before continue to rule, and after Susana’s investiture, the same people will continue in the same posts. What will change? Of course these decisions can be taken, Susana is simply desperate for us to blindly vote her in”.

Susana is currently the Acting President of Andalucia and has the same powers now as she will after the investiture.

Madrid has said it is following the Andalucia investiture with close attention, but refuses to get involved. A senior PP spokesperson told El Mundo (off the record) that it’s all Susana’s fault for holding early elections in the hope of getting votes before C’s & P’s got established in the region. The PP also says that C’s & P’s will probably permit the investiture after the municipal elections on the 24th.

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