Diaz says she will shut Andalucia down if she isn’t voted in quickly

Susana Diaz has said that she expects Andalucia to shut down if she isn’t quickly voted in as President – or in other words, she’ll shut the place down. In a clear warning to the other parties, she claimed today that unless her investiture goes ahead quickly, no political decisions can be taken. Summer tourism plans, health planning, investments, the organisation of the next school terms, hiring of functionaries, and even student loans will all Continue reading Diaz says she will shut Andalucia down if she isn’t voted in quickly

Water proposals for Turre

It’s the second biggest problem in Turre, after the whopping 10 million euro they owe to the banks: the quality of water in Turre. Turre used to have the best water around – cheap, clean, tasty and bountiful. What happened? The problems are three fold: Overuse of the main aquifer. Turre town hall owns water rights from several aquifers but in the last decade has only bothered to use one (to save buying a new Continue reading Water proposals for Turre

Unanimous “No” to Susana Diaz investiture

Susana Diazs second attempt to become President of Andalucia failed yesterday after all opposition parties united to deny her the privilege. “This is becoming ridiculous” she growled at TV cameras as she stormed out of Parliament. “Like the peasants dog, they won’t govern nor let anyone govern”. Hey, it sounds better in Spanish. ‘Como el perro del hortelano, ni gobiernan ni dejan gobernar’. Meanwhile, Rajoy has said he won’t interfere in Andalucian politics but warned Continue reading Unanimous “No” to Susana Diaz investiture