Somos Turre presentation of candidates

SOMOS TURRE (We are Turre), the new independent citizen’s platform standing at the forthcoming Turre municipal elections, held their presentation last Saturday night at a packed out Mesón del Pobre.

The citizen’s party has been formed from local residents and businesspeople frustrated at the state of Turre. Cllr, Martin Morales, a dedicated opposition councillor well known in the expat community and who is leading the new independent group said that he has been blown away by the support from all levels of society across Turre, from locals who feel that the two traditional parties have had their day in the town. His number two, economist Maria Luisa Cervantes, agreed and told cheering supporters that “our town owes the banks over 9 million euros, probably 10 million after the elections; a third of our budget goes just towards paying the interest on this debt, a debt that is mismanaged at all levels. The current administration has no idea how to manage such a massive debt, and this has stopped all investment in Turre, which is in a death spiral borrowing more just to service the interest.”

Maria Luisa, who has a chartered accountancy in Garrucha ( and who has experience in the private sector managing far larger debts than those of Turre, also has promised that she will not draw a salary if elected, but will offer her considerable experience to renegotiate the debt with the banks and “make every last cent of our tax count”.

Bank manager Miguel Ángel (retired), at number three on the list, spoke of the need to involve local communities in any decisions affecting their areas, pointing out that the townhall should always consult with locals before carrying out projects affecting their neighbourhoods.

And Anita, number four on the list, a leading spokeswoman from the Turre gitano community, spoke of the need for an integrated social policy lead by the townhall to “guide and help” all local residents in need, instead of leaving “the most vulnerable of this village to fend for themselves in their direst times of need”:

Somos Turre will shortly be publishing their manifesto for a better Turre, and you can read all about the candidates, and their motives for joining Somos Turre, on their facebook page

“We are not responsible for the state of this town” declared Maria Luisa Cervantes at the end of the presentation, “but I promise you this, we will be responsible for sorting out the mess of others, and for returning a future to this town!”.

The municipal elections are being held on the 24th of May. If you are registered to vote but won’t be here on that date, you have until the 14th of May to ask for a postal voting form at Correos in the main square.

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