PSOE begs for support from PP ahead of Friday’s investiture

Susana Diaz of the PSOE has been reduced to begging the PP to back her after Cuidadanos stormed out of a meeting today and announced they will be voting against her becoming President of Andalucia on Friday.

Cuidadanos said that the PSOE was being evasive about signing an agreed anti-corruption pact which had been announced by Diaz, but not actually signed. “We new to politics, but not naive” said a furious Juan Marín (head of Cuidadanos in Andalucia). “We’re not going to give the PSOE a blank cheque on good faith. They will have to explain why they won’t sign the anti-corruption pact”.

(It’s not in the PSOE’s interest to sign up to any anti-corruption pact – they’ve overseen the plundering of over billions of euros from Andalucia’s coffers over the last decade).

With both C’s and P now saying they will vote against her on Friday, the only hope for Susana Diaz to become President is to convince the PP to, at the very least, abstain. That’s unlikely at this point. The PP have handed her a 146 point list of demands before the agree to any concession. The PP also stormed out of the formation of the Andalusian Parliament after they were denied two seats at the top table. They’ve taken their plea to the Constitutional Court, and one of the first points on their list is that the IU get thrown off the top table and their seat given to them – something Diaz refused to do recently.

If she fails to obtain a simple majority this Friday, then anyone can put themselves forward for President and if they get a simple majority, win.

If after two months nothing is agreed, a new general election in Andalucia will have to be called for September, something that will only benefit the smaller parties.

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