Susana Diaz fails in first attempt to become President of Andalucia

The Parliament of Andalucia voted against the investiture of Susana Diaz (PSOE) as President this afternoon. All three opposition parties voted against her.

Her 47 PSOE MP’s voted for her, but the 62 MP’s of the PP, Podemos and Cuidadanos all voted against her.

The result was mainly expected. She needed an absolute majority to become President.

She will have a second opportunity this Friday, when she will only need a simple majority to become President. To achieve this, she needs at least 16 MP’s from the opposition to abstain from voting – which will be difficult – or more Yes votes than No votes.

She is desperately giving out concessions to Cuidadanos, but they have yet to confirm they will  change their No vote.

If this second vote fails, they can call new votes every 48 hours and anyone can put themselves forwards as President. The first to achieve a simple majority becomes President.

If after two months nobody has achieved this, a new regional election will have to be called, but due to the August holidays it would have to be in September.

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