Sorbas man kills wife and her boss

A man from Sorbas killed his wife with a shotgun outside his mother in laws home yesterday Sunday midday in Barranco de Los Lobos (Sorbas), before driving down to Níjar and killing her boss.

The wife, named locally as Francisca Herrera (1968) worked in a seed farm in Níjar owned by Manuel Tristán (1958).

The Guardia Civil were alerted to the sound of gunshots by neighbours at around 11:51, but when the first patrol car got there the killer, identified only as D.G.G., was already driving down to Níjar. Police assumed he had made a run for it and starting guarding motorways, but D.G.G. was already in Níjar.

He reached the seed farm in the farms outside Níjar where he found Manuel, and shot him twice in the head.

He then dropped the gun, drove into Níjar and surrendered to the Guardia Civil where he was arrested.

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