Cuidadanos prepares to back PSOE’s Susana for President of Andalusia

The investiture of Susana Diaz as President of the Junta de Andalucía looks like it may happen after all, after Cuidadanos confirmed it was in advanced negotiations with the PSOE to back them.

The throwing onto the dustheap of history of ex-Presidents Chaves and Griñán (both are wanted by Justice over allegations that they siphoned off billions when running the joint, but their Parliamentary Privilege has so far protected them) unblocked negotiations with Cuidadanos. Podemos said the move “wasn’t sufficient” and refused to budge.

Both C’s & PSOE are sitting down today to discuss a 10 point anti-corruption plan amongst other things, which if adopted by the PSOE will allow C’s to vote for Susana Diaz as Pressie on Monday.

C’s say that so far their default position is to vote “no” to Susana on Monday, but that the PSOE have two days to convince them otherwise. They also added that a coalition simply wasn’t on the table.

Podemos meanwhile say their position is unchanged, they will vote against Susana.

However, after a complicated political gambit which I don’t understand was accepted, Susana can become la Prez by simple majority if an absolute majority fails, which means she just has to convince the PP to abstain from the vote.

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