Townhall won’t act over Turre pet poisoner – pet owners beware

A pet poisoner is believed to be at loose in the Fuentemora area of Turre (up above the cemetery) but local residents say the townhall won’t take action because of the forthcoming local elections!!!

Fish and lumps of meat with pills inside have been found near the children’s playground and in nearby bushes, and a local resident called Alex told me his pet dog was only saved by quick action after it collapsed after eating one two evenings ago.

Despite complaints to the townhall, no investigation has been carried out by the local police, and residents say Mayor Arturo doesn’t want to upset anyone with the local elections just weeks away, so prefers to let “sleeping dogs lie” (except they aren’t sleeping, they’ve been poisoned!).

Opposition councillor Martin Morales from SOMOS TURRE said he would have been surprised if Arturo had ordered an investigation. “Our Mayor is only interested in making sure nobody is upset by the police, which is why he has crippled them and won’t allow them to issue parking fines, control illegal rubbish tipping, prevent illegal construction or do anything to run this village properly” he told me. “I understand we have had similar situations in the past and he won’t allow the local police to do anything, instead referring residents to the Guardia Civil… who of course, point out that this is purely a local police matter. I suggest anyone whose pet is poisoned files a denuncia at the townhall to force action”.

So a warning to all dog and cat owners in Fuentemora. If your pet starts to choke or collapses, get them to a vet ASAP.

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  1. Hi!
    Your name and blog keeps coming up. Not sure you can help. I’m trying to contact the Turre town hall regarding my name going on the birth certificate of my daughter who is now 3 years old. I have no idea of legislation in Spain on this matter or where to get a basic lay mans answer how I can do this. I undertake my responsibilities here in uk with maitenence etc and have DNA evidence. Mother is refusing this to be done but I want it to ensure my daughters paper work is complete. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

  2. Hi,
    You would need to contact the registro civil, the civil registry, of the town the baby was born in, not the townhall. For Turre, it would probably be the Garrucha office. If you go to the square in front of the townhall in Garrucha, it’s in the block of offices at the back of the square with glass fronted offices, far right office next to Policia Local.
    They are in charge of birth certificates and will be able to advise you as to the procedure. You will of course need to speak English to talk to them. Search for registro civil garrucha for the telephone, although from personal experience they never bother picking up, the Garrucha woman was a typically arrogant civil servant when I had to deal with them 🙁
    If you don’t speak Spanish you will be better off getting a gestor to help you, they will find out the correct procedure and fill in all the forms, etc, for a nominal fee. They may even save you a trip out from the UK!
    A good English speaking one (her office is very close to the registro civil in Garrucha) is Maria Luisa Cervantes, call her on 647863787 or
    Best of luck!

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