Hundreds of sailboat jellyfish wash up on shores

Hundreds of brightly coloured sailboat jellyfish have washed up on shores along the province over the last couple of days.

The little blighters are innocuous to humans, unlike their close cousins the Portugese man-o-war, which is deadly. You can tell the difference because one kills you and the other doesn’t (hah!).

Monsúl beach yesterday

They tend to float around in schools. Round disks up to 8cm in diameter, with a sail on top which allows them to use the wind to navigate, they bob around looking for food or occasionally a beach to ruin and are usually bright blue in colour until they dry out.

They’ve been reported from Almería city down to Pulpí over the last couple of days, but it seems yesterday a massive number washed up on Monsúl beach in the natural park.

Another lot of them washed up this morning on Garrucha beach.

More of them.

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