Bodies found in meat grinder

Detectives investigating the disappearance of a woman in Spain have discovered an industrial meat grinder at the home of her landlord.

Argentinian Adriana Giogiosa, 55, was reported missing after her brother could not contact her at the house in Majadahonda, a suburb to the north west of Madrid.

The property’s owner, a 32-year-old Spaniard with a history of mental illness was arrested and later detained. Police are now trying to trace four other women, including the man’s aunt who apparently left the property to him following her move to a home after developing Alzheimer’s disease.

According to local newspapers he was unable to to recall the name of the home. The other three women are all said to be foreign.

Ms Giogiosa, a worker in a fast food restaurant, had been staying at the property for the past two to three months.

Officers from the Civil Guard are also examining video footage of the suspect dropping off a resignation letter to her work.

In it she told her employers she was quitting her job at Burger King and would not be returning, as she was moving to Barcelona. The footage was recorded after the woman disappeared.

Meanwhile forensics teams are reported to be analysing what appears to be a tooth found in the grinder and a blood stained knife.

The investigation was launched after Miss Giogiosa’s brother reported her missing on April 6 after flying to Madrid to find her.

Just weeks earlier she had returned to Argentina for a holiday. The family began to get suspicious after her return to Europe.

Within a few days her brother began to get messages on WhatsApp saying she would be out of contact for a while because she was moving country.

The brother than flew to Spain to find his sister but when his efforts to find her failed he went to the police

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