Somos Turre presentation this Wednesday

If you live in Turre and are at all interested in the forthcoming municipal elections, I urge you to pop along to the presentation of the new residents party that will be putting forward a list of candidates for the townhall.

It’s called Somos Turre (We are Turre), and is lead by experienced local councillor and all round good egg Martin Morales, who is currently the IU councillor in opposition. He will standing on the Somos Turre ticket along with a number of local residents of all ages, backgrounds and creeds.

Somos Turre is holding a presentation party this Wednesday 15th at Bar Zambra at 7:30 pm. They will be explaining their aims to anyone who wants to pop in (English is spoken) everyone present will be invited to vote for the candidates.

Here’s Martin Morales explaining (in Spanish) the new party.

Somos Turre isn’t interested in party politics. Instead, it’s a group of experienced residents, young and old, who are all from the village and all have expertise in the private sector, who want to make sure this village is run properly. They’re on the whole a fantastic bunch of people, Martin is experienced and enthusiastic, and I admit I’m rooting for them!

All candidates are signing an ethical code that compels them to work for the good of the village, and promise to quit if asked to do so by the party members, which is a nice touch.

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